The role of Mass Media in combating HIV/AIDs in Uganda: A case study of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation

Babirye Winnie and Joel Isabirye

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Kampala International University


This research investigates the role of mass media in combating HIV/AIDS in Uganda, focusing on the case study of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC). The study is situated within the global Africa East African, and Ugandan contexts to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject. The statement of the problem emphasizes the real challenges faced in the effective use of mass media for HIV/AIDS awareness in Uganda. The purpose of the study was to assess the effectiveness of UBC’s HIV/AIDS awareness programs, analyze perceptions and attitudes toward HIV/AIDS in UBC’s audience, and identify opportunities for enhanced collaboration and community involvement. The significance of the study lies in contributing valuable insights to the field of HIV/AIDS communication and media strategies. The research objectives delve into assessing UBC’s programs, exploring audience perceptions, and identifying collaborative opportunities. Data analysis involved descriptive statistics to capture the effectiveness of mass media in HIV/AIDS awareness. Survey questions assess respondents’ agreement with statements related to mass media’s impact on awareness, perceptions, and collaborative strategies. Findings reveal insights into the effectiveness of UBC’s programs, audience perceptions, and collaborative opportunities. The study contributes to the literature on mass media’s role in public health campaigns and offers recommendations for enhancing UBC’s HIV/AIDS awareness initiatives. The research concludes with reflections on limitations and suggests avenues for future studies in this critical area.

Keywords: Mass media, HIV/AIDS, Uganda, Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), awareness programs.

CITE AS: Babirye Winnie and Joel Isabirye (2024). The role of Mass Media in combating HIV/AIDs in Uganda: A case study of Uganda Broadcasting Corporation. NEWPORT INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LAW, COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGES, 4(1):12-28.