The Influence of Social Media on traditional Journalism in Uganda. A case study of Capital Radio

Katushabe Patriaciah and Joel Isabirye

College of Humanities and Social Science Kampala International University


This study examines how social media and traditional journalism interact dynamically within the framework of Uganda’s Capital Radio. The research uses a case study technique and focuses on how social media affects news creation, audience interaction, and the potential and challenges for maintaining journalistic integrity. Using existing research on social media’s impact on news, audience engagement, and journalistic practices, the study explores Capital Radio’s maneuvers through this dynamic media environment. The study utilized a descriptive cross-sectional design, which is appropriate when the problem has a clear definition and the researcher needs the respondents to describe specific aspects of the problem. This study focused on 78 important Capital Radio stakeholders, including senior management, specialists in the field of social media’s influence on Uganda’s traditional journalism, shareholders, customers, and regulatory agencies. Various stakeholders were selected based on their thorough comprehension and insightful opinions of the topic’s applicability to the goals of the research. The results are intended to give light on the transformative effects on news creation processes and the larger media ecosystem, as well as to provide insights into the symbiotic interaction between social media and traditional journalism. According to the report, social media has a big impact on Capital Radio’s news creation and journalistic methods. It highlights how important it is to reconsider established journalistic procedures and adjust to the changing media environment. The poll underscores the significance of audience involvement in optimizing content generation and augmenting reporting, underscoring the imperative for news establishments to participate actively in audience engagement.

Keywords: Social Media, Traditional Journalism, News Production, Audience Engagement, Media, Capital Radio.

CITE AS: Katushabe Patriaciah and Joel Isabirye (2024). The Influence of Social Media on traditional Journalism in Uganda. A case study of Capital Radio. NEWPORT INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LAW, COMMUNICATION AND LANGUAGES, 4(1):1-11.