Media Guidelines, Rules and Regulations and Perceived Customer Worth in Vision Group Media in Uganda

Muhwezi Arthurnasias and Janet Nanyondo

Faculty of Humanities, Kampala International University, Uganda


This research focused on the media guidelines, rules and importance of customers in Vision Group Media in Uganda. The study design was a case study technique. It used both qualitative and quantitative methods to gain in-depth understanding of performance of the media sector. The population of the study consisted of 176 respondents drowned from Vision Group mangers, supervisors and key stake holders like distributors, readers and listeners. This category was selected because they are believed to be knowledgeable about the subject matter and the company.The results of the research show how there was a favorable correlation between media rules and importance of customers. The results indicate how the company complied with media regulation practices as shown by (74.51%) response. The results on the level of clients’ commitment on different product platforms offered by VG indicates that (74.48%) of the respondents are committed. The key indicators are high on Vision Group rates aligning with the industry standards (50.8%); effective management of client’s feedback (51.6%) and Vision Group print products meeting for audience needs across all categories (50%). The findings from indicate a significant positive correlation between media regulations and customer perceived value (r =0.24). The study recommends that; Vision should continue developing flexible media mix aimed at reaching consumers across the country as each market niche has varying needs, therefore niche marketing tactics should be developed to access these markets. Vision Group and other media houses in general should focus attention on telling brand stories in snippets, with different narrative styles and a balance of information and entertainment, thus allowing consumers to find different pieces in different places. 

Keywords: Media, Vision group, Customer worth, Media regulations

CITE AS: Muhwezi Arthurnasias and Janet Nanyondo (2024).Media Guidelines, Rules and Regulations and Perceived Customer Worth in Vision Group Media in Uganda. NEWPORT INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CURRENT RESEARCH IN HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, 4(3):1-14.