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Knowledge and Attitudes towards Cervical Cancer Screening Among Students Aged 18-30 at Kampala International University

Atuhairwe Martha

Faculty of Clinical Medicine and Dentistry Kampala International University Western Campus Uganda


Around the world, cervical cancer is a severe public health issue. The odds of survival and treatment success are undoubtedly increased by early screening and identification. The acceptance and adoption of screening techniques are significantly influenced by solid knowledge and good attitudes. There is no comprehensive cervical screening program in place in Uganda, where cervical cancer is the most common cancer among women. But from the late 1980s, selective or opportunistic screening has been carried out. The Ministry of Health relies on screening since it allows for the early detection of pre-cancerous cells and early diagnosis, yet many women choose not to take the test, and no research has been done to determine why. In this study, student’s attitudes and knowledge toward cervical cancer screening at Kampala International University were examined. A cross-sectional analysis was carried out to determine knowledge and attitudes towards cervical cancer. The study included women who were students at the Kampala International University and were between the ages of 18 and 30. The percentage of screened women was calculated using an interviewer-administered questionnaire, which also elicited their opinions on cervical cancer and screening. In spite of their impressive knowledge and attitudes—100% knew what cervical cancer screening was and what it involved (77.55%), 88.78% believed that Ca. cervix was one of the most common female cancers after breast (55.10%), and 72.45% acknowledged that they were at risk—only 51% of the 196 participants in the study had actually screened for the disease. Few respondents had received a screening, despite the present study’s high acceptability rate for cervical cancer screening. Cervical cancer screening still has a lot of misunderstandings and little knowledge.

Keywords: Cervical cancer, Screening techniques, Cervical cancer screening, Women, Students.

CITE AS: Atuhairwe Martha (2024). Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Cervical Cancer Screening Among Students Aged 18-30 at Kampala International University. NEWPORT INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MEDICAL SCIENCES 5(1):58-67

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