Estimation of Global Solar Radiation in Owerri Nigeria Using Empirical Models

1Chima Abraham Iheanyichukwu, 2Ogbodo-Osondu Oluchukwu, 1Nwodo Emeka, 3Ugo Donald Chukwuma and 1Chikeleze Praise Chukwuemeka

1Department of Industrial Physics Enugu State University of Science and Technology,

2Halmshaw terrace, Bentley, Doncaster, England. United Kingdom

3Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Enugu State University of Science and Technology

Corresponding email address:; +2348066922634


In this research, measured meteorological data, empirical models were used to estimate the global solar radiation in Owerri, Nigeria. The global solar radiation data was correlated with the relative sunlight duration, relative humidity, and maximum temperature for Owerri, Nigeria, using Angstrom and Page’s linear regression model. Additional multiple linear regression models were produced to examine the relationship between the amount of solar energy received worldwide and other climatic factors, such as the maximum temperature and relative humidity. The Nigerian climatic Agency (NIMET) in Abuja provided the climatic characteristics for this study for the 11-year period between 2011 and 2021. Four statistical error indicators—Mean Bias Error (MBE), Root Mean Square Error (RMSE), Mean Percentage Error (MPE), and t-stat—were used to verify the data’ statistical validity. Although certain models correlate more strongly than others, the results demonstrate a strong relationship between the predicted mean worldwide solar radiation and the measured mean global solar radiation using the established models. Based on the t-statistic results, the optimum empirical equation for city was assessed.  The best model for Owerri is   with t – stat value of 0.79. The global solar radiation intensity obtained with these models can be used in the design, analysis and performance estimation of solar energy conversion systems which is gradually but steadily gaining ground in Nigeria and the world at large.

Keywords: Solar Radiation, Empirical model, Temperature, relative humidity, sunshine hour, Owerri.

CITE AS: Chima Abraham Iheanyichukwu, Ogbodo-Osondu Oluchukwu, Nwodo Emeka, Ugo Donald Chukwuma and Chikeleze Praise Chukwuemeka (2024). Estimation of Global Solar Radiation in Owerri Nigeria Using Empirical Models. NEWPORT INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC AND   EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCES 5(1):45-49.