Design and Development of a Secure Website for Asaba Real Estate Industry

  1Odachi Gabriel Nwabuonu, 2Omotoso Babatunde Bamidele and 3Ejeh Patrick

1Department of Computing Sciences (Cyber Security) Admiralty University of Nigeria, Ibusa, Delta State, Nigeria

2Digital Health, 300-355 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba,

3Department of Computer Science, Dennis Osadebe University, Asaba                                         


This research work borders on development of a secure functional website for Asaba real estate industry where potential buyers can visit and make their choice. Survey carried out using web research, study of documents and oral interview showed that all is not well with the way and manner real estate transaction is carried out in Asaba. The main objectives of this research work are to develop interactive website that can bring estate owners and customers together in real time without the stress of travelling to locate the property, thus saving time and cost and provide real time information on availability of property through proper advertisement. The methodology adopted for this research is Structural Systems Analysis and Design Methodology (SSADM). The system was also implemented using Object Oriented PHP and MYSQL. The new system developed brought effectiveness and efficiency to the process of selling, buying and renting houses in Asaba. This further increased transparency, accountability, customer satisfaction and effective data collection from Asaba real estate industry.

Keywords: Website, Real Estate, Transparency, Methodology and Encryption.

CITE AS: Odachi Gabriel Nwabuonu, Omotoso Babatunde Bamidele and Ejeh Patrick (2024). Design and Development of a Secure Website for Asaba Real Estate Industry. NEWPORT INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING AND PHYSICAL SCIENCES, 4(1):1-8.